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With new technologies and new model, Oriental gas has been actively exploring and promoting the united energy with optimal allocation of the integration of natural gas and other new energy, to provide complementary joint energy supply for the city.

Compared to western developed countries, the energy use efficiency of natural gas in our country is at a relatively low level. The comprehensive utilization of energy in United States and Japan has reached to more than 50%, and CCHP (Combined Cooling, Heating and Power), a typical type of distributed energy sources, has made great contributions to it. For instance, the CCHP can save about 46% of energy for American commercial buildings on an average. Nearly 40% of the electric power in Netherlands and Denmark are come from the natural gas CCHP system.

Natural gas distributed energy resource has already been put into use for about 30 years. Both the technology and the market promotion for CCHP have get comparative mature. With respect to the developed countries, natural gas distributed energy resource in China is still in a preliminary phase of development. In October, 2011, NDRC and other four ministries officially enacted the Instructions on Developing Natural Gas Distribution, which identify the promotion of CCHP as one of the major measures on energy conservation and emission reduction during the 12th Five-Year Plan.

At present, the construction of distributed energy sources system in China has gradually entered into the substantially promoting stage. On the basis of the existing city gas projects, Oriental Gas is going to put the CCHP into force systematically in the shopping malls, hotels, residential communities, university towns, industrial parks, tourist resorts and other areas. Through the energy performance contracting, Oriental gas will provide energy use solutions so as to significantly increase utilization efficiency of natural gas and take commissions out of the cost savings, realizing investment income from this project.