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  • 2014.10

    Completion of the acquisition of Union Energy
  • 2014.6

    Completion of the acquisition of Jiangxi Fuzhou flying Dragon Zhongran Gas
  • 2014.5

    Runfar Gas was acquired by Oriental Gas
  • 2014.3

    Completion of the connection of LuRun’s Wei-Dong gas pipeline & PetroChina North Division's Long distance pipeline
  • 2014.1

    Hebei ZhongyouRunfar was established, and Anguo Traditional Chinese Medicine Industrial Park Project was prepared


  • 2013.12

    Execution of the strategic cooperation agreements between RIC and Equis to establish Oriental Gas Holdings Limited.
  • 2013.12

    Commencement of operations of Changtu Project Phase I
  • 2013.6

    Completion of the acquisition of Jiangxi Zhong Jian Wan Jia Gas Company


  • 2012.12

    Commencement of operations of the distribution station and sub-high pressure pipeline of Siping Runfar
  • 2012.10

    Commencement of construction of Shandong LuRun’s Weifang-Dongying high pressure gas transmission pipeline
  • 2012.5

    Establishment of Jiangxi Duchang Natural Gas Company and commencement of construction
  • 2012.3

    Establishment of Changtu Runfar and Lishu Runfar, along with the commencement of the development work of those projects

    Evolution Period

  • 2011.12

    Runfar Gas Group was restructured by taking in Dazhou Runfar, Siping Runfar, Shandong LuRun, LuAn & other companies
  • 2011.11

    Commencement of operations of Hukou Runfar
  • 2011.6

    Establishment of Shandong LuAn Gas Company
  • 2011.5

    Establishment of Siping Runfar and commencement of construction

    Growth Period

  • 2010.10

    Establishment of Shandong LuRun
  • 2010.5

    Commencement of operations of Dazhou Runfar
  • 2010.4

    Commencement of construction of Hukou Runfar
  • 2009.1

    Commencement of construction of Dazhou Runfar
  • 2008.6

    Dazhou Runfar obtained the exclusive right of Dazhou Gas Energy Industrial Park, and started the preliminary work
  • 2008.5

    Beijing Gas Group was introduced and Beijing Gas Shandong Company was set up as a joint venture
  • 2007

    Establishment of Dazhou Runfar

    Initiative Period

  • 2006

    City gas of Haiyang market was developed
  • 2005

    Commencement of the development of Rongcheng City gas distribution project
  • 2004

    Commencement of the development of the Wendeng City and Rushan City gas distribution project
  • 1994

    Weihai Zhongyuan Liquefied Gas Company was set up, providing pipeline gas service in Weihai City