Address from Chairman

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Address from Chairman

With the rapid development of our society and the shift in energy mix, the clean energy industry is presented with a huge growth opportunity. As an integrated clean energy provider, Oriental Gas intends to seize the opportunity and ride this growth trend. In this address, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all our friends who have supported us all these years.

There is an old Chinese saying: “Positive outcomes result from proper preparation”. As an energy infrastructure investor, Oriental Gas has formulated its new strategic target by adapting development trends & market demand
                      Chairman Teng Hexian
to focus on town gas, long-distance pipelines, clean energy for transportation and energy storage & logistics. At the same time, we are exploring projects involving new methods and technologies of energy efficiency and emissions reduction with the goal of contributing to the sustainable development of a “resource saving, environmentally friendly” society.

Oriental Gas will build up its core competencies in providing high quality service to customers and in doing so, we also offer employees a platform for continuous improvement. Through hard work and determination, this will turn Oriental Gas into a world class listed energy company with an excellent team, good service and a great brand.

I sincerely hope all the friends from home and abroad can work with us toward a bright future where we can jointly enjoy the fruits of our development!